CRL Week 9: The Hero's return brings the grand finale of regular season

CRL Fall Season Mainland China region has come to an end, with the standings of the top 4 team finally settled. NOVA successfully defended their top standing with a 6-win streak, and will be facing GEN.G in the 1st round of the Playoff. EDG.M also won twice this week and ranked 2nd and will be challenged by JDG, which is the other black horse of Fall Season.However, for OP, WE, SNAKE and LGD, this will be the end of their CRL journey this year.The Playoff of CRL Fall Season Mainland China region will start on October 27th to 28th, presenting you with a feast of exciting battles! 

Result of Week 9

The roster of Playoff got settled on the very first day of this week. GEN.G defeated OP with a 3-1, and ensured their upper bracket standing. Then NOVA crushed SNAKE, also meaning a ticket to JDG.This sudden outcome turned the following matches into a standing competition within brackets. NOVA successfully kept its wining and stood 1st in the regular season. The new face in EDG.M caught opponents off guard twice and held their 2nd place.GEN.G and JDG both encountered their opponents of the Playoff in advance, yet swallowed their bitter defeats.

In the lower bracket, with nothing to lose, all 4 teams took this week as an opportunity for practice. Though missed their chance for the Playoff, OP fought vigorously and got the 5th standing. WE beat LGD with ease and showed great bravery when facing EDG.M and battled till the very end of the KOF match, getting their hard-earned 6th place. The luck was not on SNAKE’s side this week, they lost twice and dropped to 7th. LGD struggled this whole season, and remained in the bottom in the end.

Standings of Week 9

MVP of Week 9

Lciop, the absolute ruler of last season, missed the first 2 weeks of the regular season due to Asia Games. When he came back from Jakarta, he had a hard time returning to his former glory. Is the unstoppable Lciop gone forever? The answer is no. In the final week of CRL Fall Season Mainland China region, Lciop dominated the arena once again.

He first ended the rampage of the last week’s MVP Ye, then edged out D.king in a top notch duel. During the final week, Lciop won all 4 matches. No matter what kind of battle he’s dealing with, his opponent never had a chance. Lciop, the all mighty, the undefeatable, the MVP terminator, has officially returned! As for his opponents, do they have what it takes to confront the hero?

MVP Deck of Week 9, Sponsored by Milkana Cheese 9.0

Freeze Graveyard, 3M Royal Hogs, Furnace RG, etc. In the final week of regular season, we’ve seen many shining decks and spectacular matches. In the end, this deck with Barb Hut as key building and Cannon Cart and Flying Machine as support ruled them all, and became this week’s MVP deck. 

This deck is built around Barb Hut. The average Elixir cost is a bit high, and it’s hard to get the core card on the ground. But as long as the Barb Hut is ready to roll, you can get a steady Elxir advantage from it. With Barbs as vanguards, Flying Machine and Cannon Cart can deal massive damage from behind. On the other hand, Magic Archer, Barb Barrel and Royal Ghost are 3 versatile cards can play defensively as well as offensively. During regular season week 9, this deck had a high use rate. Some players like Sweet sheep, yzzy and Sunnymilk presented some breathtaking battles with this deck. Let’s see how yzzy crushed his foe with this deck

MVP deck showcase: YZZY VS Xiaosa

Highlight of Week 9

Battle for the Playoff ticket, clash between MVP players, and both towers went down at the same time! The match point is no easy game for both sides. D.king and Higher, they look alike, and even they play alike.The match on the first day of week 9 would decide the fate of GEN.G and OP. Both sides held nothing back, and taking several ties. During the final game overtime, they destroyed each other’s tower at exact same time! This is the first time this thing ever happened in CRL China region!

This exciting moment is something worth watching over and over!

​Highlight of Week 9:D.king vs. Higher

Playoff Schedule

8 teams enter, 9 weeks’ battles, 4 teams leaves! From October 27 to 28, top teams of CRL Mainland China region will clash in the Playoff, deciding who is the best of the best! On the first round, EDG.M will face JDG. An epic battle between two black horses who ranked last in the previous season. Who will be the lucky one to the final? On the next round, NOVA and GEN.G will have a fateful clash. The 2 best teams of Spring Season will meet in the arena again, settling who is the very best.Let’s wait and see which team will be crowned as champion of CRL Fall Season Mainland China region, and battle for China in the coming World Final in Tokyo.

At 18:00 from Oct.  27th – Oct. 28th
Milkana Cheese 9.0
The Gold Hammer Awaits

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