Reveal of CRL East Full Team Rosters! All-Star Lineups!

CRL East is excited to announce the full team rosters of our eight teams: FAV gaming, KIX Team, Nova Esports, PONOS, Talon, Team Timing, TTG, and W.EDGM. All teams have their lineups in place and are ready for the brand new 2020 CRL EastSpecial Season starting on April 4th. Let’s go through their rosters first!

FAV gaming

2019 CRL World Finals semi-finalist FAV gaming has kept its entire 2019 Fall lineup, and signed a superstar player X-Bow Master from South Korea. The new combo will boost the competitiveness of FAV to a new level. As one of the renownedCRL teams in Japan, FAV is only one step away from the championship. In the new season, with the updated lineup including multiple superstar players, FAV will be one of the strongest contestants for the Champion trophy.

KIX Team

KIX Team based in Macau China apparently has made a great success in the transfer market by signing Indonesian superstar Benzer and powerful French player iSlaw. KIX now owns one of the mosteye-catching international lineups. In the new season, KIX with five players from threecountries, is ready to show their power in the upcoming Special Season of 2020 CRL East.

Nova Esports

Nova Esports, the most renowned CRL team in China with the most FIVE champion trophies in hand including 2018 World Championship, Nova hasn’t made much adjustment to the lineup. They have kept two core players Lciop and Little Chen. The only new addition is a female player Aurora. It seems the roster has minimum change, but Nova’s pursuit for championship shall never be underestimated. We believe Nova would be eager to take back the championship after their loss in Los Angeles.


PONOS, one of the best CRL teams in Asia, has upgraded their roster by keeping its original three core members and absorbing two new strong players KK and Yakitori from GameWith. In the coming new season of 2020 CRL East, PONOS, two-times champion of CRL Asia, will they reclaim their glory? Let’s wait and see!


Talon based in Hong Kong China has formed a young team with Korean players for the new 2020 season. Three players from Talon were born after 2000, with unlimited potential and youthvigor. As saying goes, “the more wit, the less courage”, Willthis youthful and fearless teamof Talon prove themselves in the CRL East? Stay tuned!

Team Timing

South Korean veteran team Timing has also chosen a team-building strategy focusing on young genius. While keeping Nuri, they have also signed two potential talentsSado and Greed, plus the mysterious CRL newbie Haruki. The average player age for Timing is 18. Let’s expect how Team Timing would perform in the new season.


Although this brand-new team from China has not yet played an official match, it has shocked the entire league with its successive player signing in the offseason. Auk, D.King, xiaoK, and Nuomici, a truly full-star team has been assembled for TTG. Each one of them belonged to the top-tier players in China. This new comboshall be ready to battle against any teamin the CRL East, as long as they could form the great team vibe.


W.EDGM, the 2019 CRL World Finals runner-up, has invested heavily in the transfer market. With two core players Higher&Soloman remained, they’ve signed two most scoring playersWanGe and Peas to upgrade the already powerful team lineup. W.EDGM has already won 3 CRL runners-up in the past, this time they are aiming hard for the championship.

From the rosters of eight teams above, we can clearly see the establishment of CRL East has gatheredalmost full superstar players and formed several dream team lineups. These talents from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia will put on a star-studded show in the new 2020 CRL East Special Season, enhancing both the overall competitiveness of CRL teams and the audience experience of appreciating great matches!

CRL East Special Season will officially start on April 4th, however, all the rosters revealed today are in fact not final, because eight teams have the opportunities to adjust their lineups for the second time after this season starts. (by April 13th). Furthermore, before this season starts, we will release a video programCRL East Team Show, consisting of eight team intro videos to help everyone know the history and players of these eight teams better starting this Thursday. Please stay tuned!

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