Signature Decks of Asian Star Players

CRL East presents you an epic esports show gathering Asian CR masters! CRL East Special Season is kicking offon April 4th when pros from China, Japan, South Korea and SEA will compete in one league. All teams have announced their lineups for the coming season, and the star players are ready to roll. Want to know the signature decks of BenZer Ridel, Jack, X-Bow Master and other pros? Just read to find out!

BenZer Ridel – Mortar Miner Bait

BenZer Ridel, champion of CR division at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, is one of the most renowned and talented CR players in CRL East. He is skilled with various decks, especially Mortar Miner Bait with Rascals. He shares some of the best qualities a good CR player possesses: fast-reaction, accurate battleanalysis, delicate placement,exact memory on card order and precise judgment on counter attack timing. As aMortar Miner Bait in SEA, few stand a chance against his Mortar attacks. When faced with him, any small mistake might cost the whole game.

If you wonder why BenZer could keep such an extraordinary record, the answer is versatility. He is a master of almost all meta decks: Hog EQ, Lava Miner Double Dragon, WB Miner cycle. He favors these quick offensive decks. You might stillrecall the impressive battle between him and Jack last year, where both used Hog decks. If you plan to improve your Mortar or Hog deck skills, don’t miss any of his battle in the coming Special Season.

KK – Rocket Barrel Spell Bait

Top Japanese player KK, who used to compete at GameWith for 4 seasons, is most famous for his Rocket Barrel Bait decks. Though his common decks changed from time to time based on game meta, he kept an outstanding win rate in the League. He has his own special understanding on Barrel decks, from defending, barrel placement, to Log timing and how to make the best of Princess. In the coming season, other players might have a hard time against KK and his signature deck.

Besides his signature Rocket BarrelSpell Bait, KK is also good at pushing decks like RG Furnace, Giant Double Prince and Lava Double dragon. In 2019 WCG, he adopted this Lava Double Dragon and beat top tier Chinese player Higher. After having won two runners-up with GameWith, KK transferred to PONOS and will battle with them in the coming special season. This pro player, who kept a remarkable win rate over 70% in 2018 Fall and 2019 Spring, is ready to challengeany opponent in the League.

Legend-BattleRam 3M

Legend, the“Lord of AllMusketeers”, is a Vietnameseplayer widelyappreciated by Nova fans,and his signature deckalways consists 3 Musketeers, Battle Ram and Elixir Collector.With this deck,Legend clean-swept his opponents inthe Semi-Final KOH matches of 2018 CRL Tokyo Finals. There are many tricks you can learn from Legend on this deck, especiallylow-cost defense andperfectly utilizing Elixir Collectorat early stage. Once he successfully split3M and apply dual lane pressure, he will secure his upper hand.

For a top player,mastery of one deck is far from enough.Legendalsoshowed deep insightin Poison Minerwhen he was playing in CRL China. Besides,he is skillful indefensing with Hunter and playing P.E.K.K.A Hog and Hog ExeNado. In the new season, we are looking forward to his innovative decksand excellent performance.

Jack-Hog Rider Cycle

Jack, the No.1 Hog Rider player in Asia, the man who once stood on the top of the ladder,earned his fame and followers with histrademark 2.6 Average CostHog Cycle.Since he joined the league,dozens ofdecks have been invented to counterhis stunt.But Jack never wavered. He retainedHog Rider asthe win condition and kept adjusttingthe deck according to opponents’habit. With constant practice and improving, he finally madeeveryone in the league admitthat the Hog Cycle is unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Jack never stops learning. In his early career, Hog Cycle and X-bow Cycleused to be his only tricks, but now he has mastered many more win conditions like P.E.K.K.A + Ram, Royal Giant and Royal Hogs, marking his transformation from a ladder gamer to a true proplayer. In the eyes of his fans, Jack and his Hog Cycle are like their idols.When he shows up on the stage of CRL East with his Hog cycle,we will certainlyhear the hailing coming behind every monitor of his fan.

X-Bow Master – Classic X-Bow

As the ID suggests, this top-tier Korean CRL player is a diehard X-Bow lover, and his countless X-Bow deck victories proved him truly deserves the title of X-Bow Master. In his four-season journey in CRL Asia, X-Bow deck was always the trick up his sleeve, and whenever he showed it off, the match would always become a visual feast.

X-Bow Master knows the exact timing of X-Bow deployment and how to defend it with low-cost cards. He’s known for his outstanding patience, which makes his defense nearly unbreakable.

X-Bow Master also has a reputation of Poison Miner and Royal Giant Push. He has been working hard on learning more decks in his CRL career, leaving others little chance to get the best of him. In the new CRL East Specially Season, X-Bow Master will team up with Jack and form the “Hog-Bow” duo, bombarding their opponents with endless attacks.

The legendary clash of CRL East Special Season is starting on April 4th! Stay tuned for Superstars, epic duels, innovative decks, best stunts and mind-blowing matchups. See you in arena!